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Provenance Flour and Malt

From people to people

We’ve drawn on our life’s experience and the camaraderie made through farming, trading and logistics, milling and marketing to establish an open communication line that creates premium product by ensuring integrity of product, care for the environment and establishes recognition and respect for farmers, transport, millers, maltsters, bakers, pastry makers, brewers, distillers, communities and those who can benefit from the flavour, integrity and enjoyment of the food and drink they consume.

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We established Provenance Flour and Malt to develop pathways for Single Origin/Single Varietal supply to specialist premium artisan baking and craft brewing markets. We de-commoditise grains and legumes back into a product that possesses and reflects the unique performance characteristics from an individual farm. This is world leading in the supply of cereal grains.  

Provenance Flour and Malt has taken the standard supply chain and tipped it upside-down.

We establish a direct relationship from farmer and their community, to bakers/brewers and their customers. It gives recognition of each farmer to the consumer who can then know where, and how their food is grown. This relationship not only contains the miller and maltster who transform the farmer’s grains and legumes into flour and malt but also the plant breeder.

It’s about restoring the communication and relationships from our earth to our food and recognising farmers who practice regenerative agriculture and the communities in which they live.

The earth on each farm has unique minerals and nutrients that when farmed holistically, combined with the local climate, creates a crop that has special characteristics.  We want consumers to taste that. We want consumers to be involved in this. We want them to be part of the care for growing their product.

Through this program, Provenance Flour and Malt helps bakers, brewers and their customers assist farmers to create beneficial environmental outcomes and to support local communities.

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