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Provenance Flour and Malt

Single Origin, Single Varietal

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Provenance Flour and Malt

Provenance Flour & Malt supplies Single Origin/Single Varietal Flour and Malt that is traceable to the field of origin, and the farmer who grew it.

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Our Supply Circle

Connecting farmers, bakers, and brewers to the consumer

We provide a product of integrity that enhances local communities and environments by establishing relationships that link farmers and consumers through open communication - from the farm through the millers and maltsters, the bakers and brewers to the table and the bar.

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Supporting the environment and local community

Our farmers care for their environment and local community. Through regenerative agricultural practices, they nurture healthy soils, rich in nutrients and minerals that grow quality grain.

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Bakers and Brewers

Selecting origins and varietals 

We recognise the importance of the connection between the baker, brewer and the farmer. Provenance Flour and Malt enables bakers and brewers to match their philosophies to the farmer, puts them in charge of who they work with and the varieties they choose to use.

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The Consumer

Join the pursuit of flavour

We want consumers to know that with every bite of bread, or drink of beer, they are supporting local Australian communities and sustainable environmental outcomes. With Provenance Flour and Malt you have a link to each individual farmer and local community.

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Want to learn more about single origin, single varietal flour and malt? Interested in testing our product at your bakery or brewery? Input your information below and we'll get in touch.

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